Redwood Film Transfer Announces New High Definition Film Scanning

Redwood Film Transfer now Scans 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm Film frame by frame in stunning High Definition with the new Retroscan Universal Film Scanners

Redwood Film Transfer, a company that Digitizes 8mm16mm, and Super 8 Film to High Definition mp4 files, Blurays and DVDs, is proud to announce the acquisition of two new HD Film Scanners.

Redwood Film Transfer has just purchased two HD RetroScan Universal Film Scanners with all the upgrades. These Film Scanners are capable of scanning 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm films frame-by-frame in high definition 1920x1080p.

Scott Sargent, owner of Redwood Film Transfer, raves about the clarity, resolution and importance of high definition film transfer. “Since the advent of HDTVs, there has never been a better time for a family to have their precious home movies transferred.” He says, “Since 8mm and Super 8 Film is a progressive format (not interlaced like the old tube TVs) at approx. 800-900 lines of resolution, it makes sense to scan those films at 1080p not 480 interlaced. Furthermore, everyone’s TV resolution is now a min. of 1080p not 480 interlaced. As a result, films scanned in high definition, appear as they were meant to be seen; clear, sharp, widescreen and without flicker!”

HD Film Scanning to mp4 has several advantages over SD Film Transfer to DVD methods.

  • 1920x1080p vs 720x480i equals three times to resolution
  • Perfect for watching on HDTVs especially Smart TVs with a USB port
  • Playable on any computer (MAC or Windows)
  • Editable HD mp4 files allow people to edit their Digital Films
  • Redwood Film Transfer creates High Quality mp4 files at 50 mb/s
  • Mp4 files are Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, web friendly
  • Future-proof universal solution

“We are excited to offer this new and upgraded HD Film Scanning service. While they really has never been a better time for families to have their 8mm and 16mm film transferred, we hope people who have had their film converted to VHS or DVD still have their original films as we can retransfer and restore them in amazing 1080p HD!”