Convert Your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 Film & Movies to DVD, Bluray or mp4

Steps to transferring film to digital

Your memories are safe with us. So you can relax.

It only takes a few minutes to pack and ship your film. Then we take over. From free cleaning, repair, splicing, an even adding trailers and background music of your choice. All included when we transfer your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film into the digital format of your choice. Be it into DVD, Bluray or into mp4. For decades we've been industry leaders in film conversion quality and customer service, having served thousands of happy customers!

Redwood Film Transfer is Perfect if...

You’re Worried About Quality
30 Years of industry leadership.
You Insist on Top Quality
Only use the latest technology.
You Want the Best
Staff have a B.A. in film & video.
You Expect Top Level Service
Highest star rating in the industry.
Your Memories Are Valuable
30 years & never lost a reel!
You Want Full Service
From cleaning & repair to digitizing.
You Need it Fast
Most orders done within 2 weeks.
You Have Quality Concerns
All done in our Redwood City, CA Lab.

We know that your family memories preserved on 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 are deteriorating every day. Preserving them by transferring them to DVD, Bluray or mp4 is of paramount importance. We have been industry leaders in that field for 30 years and take that responsibility very seriously.

Our staff are not only highly skilled, but each member of our team directly involved with your project has a B.A. in audio, video and film. Your memories are being transferred to your preferred digital format by skilled and experienced hands. All film is cleaned, repaired and spliced before we make the transfer. No shortcuts are taken.

Technology also plays a key role in the process, and for that reason we only use the latest and the most sophisticated equipment available. In addition, all the work is done at our Redwood City, California city lab, where we have complete control over the quality and over delivery times.

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Trusted and Skillful Film to Digital Conversion Companies Aren't That Easy to Find in Havre

It's unlikely that you'll find a skillful home movie film conversion and transfer business locally in Havre. That's why you think about Redwood Film Transfer. We've been supporting pleased customers nationally for more than two decades. And we're just a few feet away. In your mailbox. Conversion of 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm to Bluray, mp4 or DVD demands the engagement of proven and reliable staff and quality and reliable equipment. Reliable service and top quality results are the hallmark of our reputation. So only results count with respect to offering first class results. Just get a hold of us at Redwood Film Transfer and let us preserve your dearest memories.

Film Transfer 8mm Film Reels in Rusty Container

You may have stumbled on some film or home movies and will convert 8mm, 16mm or Super8 to DVD, mp4 or Bluray, or perhaps into numerous digital formats. Be cautious while handling, storing and shipping your home movies and film reels. Never try to clean up the film at home! The film could be ruined. Film becomes brittle and old and it doesn't react well to cleaning or handling with any type of cleaning agents. We only use special cleaners and methods formulated for cleaning and bringing back your home movies on reels or the film before we do any conversion in to digital formats. These are essential elements for the conversion and transfer of all 16 mm, 8mm or Super 8 to DVD, Bluray or mp4, and this process should never be eliminated.

What to Ask When Trying to Find a Business to Convert Super 8, 8mm or 16mm to Bluray, DVD or mp4 in Havre, MT

Without exception, each qualified conversion and film transfer firm really should plainly talk about their work methods as well as their customer fulfillment standards. Another critical element of locating a a well seasoned firm is to company is to proceed when facing sticky work situations. Top notch skills are critical to a high quality outcome. At Redwood Film Transfer we give you total transparency about all functions and processes, and with respect to anything you would like to know more about.

Redwood Film Transfer Back of Super 8 Camera

As Redwood Film Transfer, we have been intensely focused on providing second to none service to ecstatic and loyal home movie film conversion, transfer and digitization customers nationally for decades. Transfers and conversions of film and home movies are completed at our main processing facility. We only use the top rated processes and we'll never take chances by employing budget film conversion and transfer processes which may place your your valuable memories at risk. When you're interested in finding a firm in Havre to receive your film conversion and transfer order, then you needn't look further than your mailbox. It's convenient and hastle free. Redwood Film Transfer has been devoted to top notch 16mm, Super8 and 8mm film transfer and convesion quality of product and service by mail order nationwide for decades.

Help You'll Get From a Redwood Film Transfer Pro in Havre, MT

Redwood Film Transfer is faithful to it's mission to offer excellent customer service and to exceed all your expectations of results and quality of product. You can take a great selection of alternatives for converting your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film and home movies into digital formats. Whether you're converting into DVD, mp4 or Bluray, or even into all the formats, the decision is up to you. A full spectrum of choices are available on this site. In case you only need a very basic film or home movie conversion into digital format, or something elaborate. At Redwood Film Transfer, We have the required equipment to securely convert and transfer home movies and film into diversified selections of formats. If you expect superior level of customer care and top quality results, then Redwood Film Transfer is your premium choice.

Redwood Film Transfer Old Super 8 Movie Camera.jpg

Redwood Film Transfer has the knowledgeable staff for taking care of all types of film to digital conversion operations. It may be a simple conversion of 8mm, Super 8 or 16mm to Bluray, mp4 or DVD or a more fragile job like film rehabilitation, or correcting the 8mm home movie before we can convert 8mm Film to Digital, or to convert 8mm Films to DVD as part of the process to digitize 8mm Film. The method of transferring 8mm home movies to digital, whether it's 8mm reels to DVD or to Bluray, commands extreme care. HD film scanning and 8mm movie conversion processes are more complex than meets the eye. It needs costly machines and a lot of skill. We consistently take orders for universities too. For 8mm film transfer to DVD and 8mm movies to DVD the most common requests are for straight conversion to DVD. Super 8 film Transfer to Bluray is a prominent project we're asked to do every day. Our expertly trained team is highly skilled at serving customers who're looking to digitalize 8mm films. Our customers come to us from across the nation. Including from Havre. We're very proud of our knowledgeable film digitization professionals, readily available from anyplace in Montana.

8mm, 16mm and Super 8 Film Transfer & Conversion - CLICK HERE

Advice On Securing a Knowledgeable Film to Digital Conversion Facility

The first thing you'll need to do is check that, like Redwood Film Transfer, they have excellent reviews form customers. Beyond that, confirm that they perform the proper service you want. And finally, research that they insist on only using superior skills and equipment to get the top quality results and service you expect. Naturally, with Redwood Film Transfer, you'll always the best in service and in results.

Redwood Film Transfer Vintage Keystone Movie Camera

We Convert Super 8 Film to Digital: Into DVD, Bluray or DVD With Utmost Respect for Your Memories

Considering a Super 8 home movie conversion service? Redwood Film Transfer is honored to be the most trusted HD film scanning service available around Havre. Maybe, you need a service to convert Super 8 film to digital or convert Super 8 films to DVD, then you landed in the right place. Right here. Your Super 8 film transfer to DVD or Super 8 movies to DVD will receive great care and attention to detail. You needn't concern yourself, our skilled masters are skilled at handling even the most sensitive assignments. If you're in the market for a company to convert Super 8 home movies to digital, Redwood Film Transfer is very much able to soar above your expectations.

The schooling and training behind our trusted HD film scanning professionals is top rate. It might be a 16mm home movie conversion by taking 16mm reels to DVD, or performing a 16 film transfer to Bluray, to digitalize 16mm films, Redwood Film Transfer artisans are conveniently available anywhere in Havre. Particularly for the revamping of fragmented film footage. A common request is to convert 16mm film to digital or to convert 16mm films to DVD.

It's especially imperative for what you you want to get done, that you source out a trustworthy and skilled specialist well versed in the type of film to digital conversion you're trying to find. Whether it's a basic conversion job of Super 8 home movies to digital, Redwood Film Transfer is the perfect choice for quality and dependable service. You might not understand the concern about contracting the services of a home film and movie conversion artisan until afterward – when problems are discovered with your film conversion. Don't be tempted by second rate film conversion choices because your valued memories could be ruined.

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