Convert Your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 Film & Movies to DVD, Bluray or mp4

Steps to transferring film to digital

Your memories are safe with us. So you can relax.

It only takes a few minutes to pack and ship your film. Then we take over. From free cleaning, repair, splicing, an even adding trailers and background music of your choice. All included when we transfer your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film into the digital format of your choice. Be it into DVD, Bluray or into mp4. For decades we've been industry leaders in film conversion quality and customer service, having served thousands of happy customers!

Redwood Film Transfer is Perfect if...

You’re Worried About Quality
30 Years of industry leadership.
You Insist on Top Quality
Only use the latest technology.
You Want the Best
Staff have a B.A. in film & video.
You Expect Top Level Service
Highest star rating in the industry.
Your Memories Are Valuable
30 years & never lost a reel!
You Want Full Service
From cleaning & repair to digitizing.
You Need it Fast
Most orders done within 2 weeks.
You Have Quality Concerns
All done in our Redwood City, CA Lab.

We know that your family memories preserved on 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 are deteriorating every day. Preserving them by transferring them to DVD, Bluray or mp4 is of paramount importance. We have been industry leaders in that field for 30 years and take that responsibility very seriously.

Our staff are not only highly skilled, but each member of our team directly involved with your project has a B.A. in audio, video and film. Your memories are being transferred to your preferred digital format by skilled and experienced hands. All film is cleaned, repaired and spliced before we make the transfer. No shortcuts are taken.

Technology also plays a key role in the process, and for that reason we only use the latest and the most sophisticated equipment available. In addition, all the work is done at our Redwood City, California city lab, where we have complete control over the quality and over delivery times.

Convert 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 Film To DVD, Bluray or mp4 - CLICK HERE

Redwood Film Transfer is loyally provides top notch customer service and to overtake all your hopes for the results and in terms of quality of product. We can recommend a great selection of alternatives for converting your 8mm, 16mm or Super 8 film and home movies into digital formats. Whether you prefer conversion into DVD, Bluray or mp4, or even into all three formats, it just depends on your preferences. A detailed suite of service options are available on this website. At Redwood Film Transfer, We have the required equipment to fastidiously convert and transfer film and home movies into separate mixtures of formats. If you need superior care and quality of service, then Redwood Film Transfer is your quintessential selection of trusted service providers.

Film Transfer 8mm Film Reels in Rusty Container

You may have unveiled some film or home movies and are going to convert 8mm, 16mm or Super8 to DVD, mp4 or Bluray, or perhaps into more than one digital format. Be very careful while shipping, storing and handling your home movie reels and film. Don't ever clean the film yourself! The film is at risk of being destroyed. Film becomes brittle and old and it can be damaged when cleaning or handling with household cleansers. We only utilize special cleaning agents made for restoring and cleaning your home movies and reels of film before we begin any conversion process into digital. A step not to be missed. These are significant considerations in the conversion and transfer of all Super8, 16mm or 8mm to Bluray, mp4 or DVD, and it's critical that it's not shirked.

Trusted and Skillful Film to Digital Conversion Facilities Aren't Too Easy to Find in Layton

It's an unrealistic expectation that you'd locate a reliable home movie film transfer and conversion company locally in Layton. And that's why you should think about Redwood Film Transfer. We've been looking after gratified customers nationally for more than two decades. Experience and reliability are the very foundation of our success. So there's nothing more important than offering a second-to none standard of quality. Check in with us at Redwood Film Transfer and let us preserve your dearest memories.

Redwood Film Transfer Back of Super 8 Camera

Converting 8mm Film to Digital as DVD, mp4 or Bluray in Layton, Utah

Redwood Film Transfer has the capable staff for handling all types of film to digital conversion commissions. It could be a simple conversion of 16mm, Super 8 or 8mm to DVD, Bluray or mp4 or a more tricky undertaking such as film rehabilitation, or reconstruction of the 8mm home movie so we can convert 8mm Film to Digital, or to convert 8mm Films to DVD as part of the job to digitize 8mm Film. The undertaking of transferring 8mm home movies to digital, whether it's 8mm reels to DVD or to Bluray, warrants considerable attention. 8mm movie conversion and HD film scanning tasks are complicated. And risky for the film. It commands highly specialized machines and experience. We consistently take orders for universities too. 8mm film transfer to DVD and 8mm movies to DVD is generally described as converting film to DVD. Super 8 film Transfer to Bluray is a top undertaking we're trusted to do daily. Our expertly trained team is highly skilled at serving customers who're looking to digitalize 8mm films. Our customers come to us from across the nation. Including from Layton. We can proudly say we provide the best and most top notch film digitization pros, easily accessible from wherever you are in Utah.

Redwood Film Transfer Old Super 8 Movie Camera.jpg

Our Top Notch Staff Convert 16mm Film to Digital Regularly in Layton

The schooling and training behind our capable HD film scanning pros is top rate. When it comes to a 16mm home movie conversion by taking 16mm reels to DVD, or performing a 16 film transfer to Bluray, to digitalize 16mm films, Redwood Film Transfer veterans are absolutely accessible in any place in Layton. We're cognizant that it'll be calling for a knowledgeable team to convert 16mm film to digital or to convert 16mm films to DVD. Whether it's a basic task to convert 16mm film to digital or to convert 16mm films to DVD, or something more intricate. Even for revival of broken film footage. An often requested service is to convert 16mm film to digital or to convert 16mm films to DVD.

8mm, 16mm and Super 8 Film Transfer & Conversion - CLICK HERE

Things to Ask When Looking For a Company to Convert 8mm, 16mm or Super8 to DVD, mp4 or Bluray in Layton, UT

Each trustworthy film transfer and conversion service company really should openly disclose information about their technical practices and their customer care principles. Another decisive element of locating a an accomplished service company is to grasp how they work under more intricate projects. At Redwood Film Transfer we maintain full disclosure about every facet of what we do, and with respect to anything you would like to know more about.

Redwood Film Transfer Vintage Keystone Movie Camera

As Redwood Film Transfer, we have been committed to offering top notch service to ecstatic and loyal home movie film conversion, transfer and digitization customers across the country for two decades. Film transfers, as well as home movie conversions are done at our main processing headquarters. We only use the highest rated techniques and never take shortcuts by employing low budget film conversion and transfer automation which could place your your prized memories at risk. If you're searching for a service company inLayton to take your film transfer and conversion order, you only have to look as far as your mailbox. It's quick and hastle free. Redwood Film Transfer has been devoted to second to none 8mm, Super8 and 16mm film conversion and transfer quality of product and service by mail order countrywide for decades.

We Convert Super 8 Film to Digital: Into DVD, Bluray or DVD With Competence and Care

Deciding on a Super 8 home movie conversion service? Redwood Film Transfer has gained customer confidence as the most trusted HD film scanning near Layton. In the event that you need a service to convert Super 8 film to digital or convert Super 8 films to DVD, you'll likely find exactly what you need right here. When it comes to your Super 8 film transfer to DVD or Super 8 movies to DVD we treasure your memories as much as you do. There's no need to stress, our highly skilled specialists are able to handle the most demanding service requests. When you're interested in finding a company to convert Super 8 home movies to digital, Redwood Film Transfer is completely ready to meet your needs.

Steps To Take Towards Hiring a Knowledgeable Film to Digital Conversion Facility

The first thing you have to do is check that, like Redwood Film Transfer, they have amazing comments from satisfied customers. And, find out that they offer the expected service you're seeking. And finally, confirm that they have superior technical expertise and equipment to get the job done with the highest standards of workmanship. Naturally, with Redwood Film Transfer, you'll always the best in service and in results.

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