Al Capone’s 1929 16mm Film Transferred to High Definition Digital mp4

Al Capone’s 1929 Home Movies Digitized to HD mp4 Files   Redwood Film Transfer recently transferred and enhanced a reel of 16mm Film shot at Al Capone’s mansion in Miami, Florida. Capone’s family believes this reel was filmed around 1929 – making it almost 100 years old! We received this project from a museum who […]

D-Day Invasion of Normandy 16mm Film Transferred to HD mp4 Files

World War II 16mm Film Preserved to Digital Files   Redwood Film Transfer recently transferred and enhanced 1940’s WWII film to HD mp4 Files. The customer received these 16mm reels from his grandfather who was a pilot during WWII. These films mainly showcase the Naval Air Transport Service (NATS) which was a department of the […]

Santa Cruz Skateboard 8mm and Super 8 Film Transferred to HD mp4

Northern California Skateboard and Surf Film Collection Preserved to Digital   Redwood Film Transfer recently converted Super 8 and 8mm film to HD mp4 Files for a Santa Cruz skateboard distribution company. This collection of film followed many of the top skateboarders and surfers in the Santa Cruz area throughout the late 80’s and early […]

Transfer 16mm to HD mp4

1920s Film Rescued and Restored to HD Digital Files

16mm Film from the 1920s Preserved and Converted to HD mp4   Redwood Film Transfer recently enhanced and converted 100 year old 16mm film to HD mp4 Files. These 1920s film reels were extremely special to the family and needed to be treated with care. Thankfully, Redwood Film Transfer has worked with film like this […]